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Rattan and wicker are two names that are often used to describe the popular style of furniture with its basket-weave design. However, heads may start to scratch when it comes to pinpointing the major differences between them. put simply, the biggest difference between rattan and wicker is what they are.

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It is often mixed up with bamboo, wicker and cane. Rattan is a distinct plant that is very sustainable and has numerous uses in furniture making,

Upon first sight, it may seem like wicker and rattan furniture are the same, that one may be an alternative name used to sell a replica product. However, that is not the case. In fact, it is a very common mistake to confuse the two. In order to understand the difference between wicker and rattan the materials have to be examined a little more closely.

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In conclusion, what is the difference between wicker and rattan furniture? Well, rattan furniture is made from rattan, but wicker is the technique used to create the chair. Additionally, other materials can also be used to produce final product when making wicker furniture.

One way to do that is with wicker furniture and home.. If you're confused about the difference between all the materials and styles, then here's.

Rattan stems and the outer skin of rattan are used to make different parts of furniture, which include. Cane, wicker, and peel wrap are generally made from rattan. These can. Rattan stems are graded in A, B, or C. Grading is deter- mined by.