Being an important port on the Silk Route, the architecture of Valencia has been influenced by the Roman and French.

French Country Similar to transitional modern interior design styles, French Country is a hybridized mix of antique French, shabby chic, and farmhouse interior design elements full of cool, grown-up allure.

French interiors exude a certain je ne sais quoi. The French have a flair for refined yet effortless homes. French spaces are typically classic and timeless with a hint of modern edge. In other words, French apartments are just like the effortless style of Parisian women-pared back, sophisticated, and timeless.

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Toile – a traditional floral pattern – is a hallmark of French country design. Think about including it in your upholstery, but if you’re not ready to make that big of a commitment, textiles such as blankets or throw pillows are also a good choice. Pair it with solids or mix and match with other prints like florals, stripes or gingham.

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There aren’t many interior design styles which are as broadly appealing as French country decor. Inspired by the centuries-old farmhouses of rural France, this aesthetic can incorporate both new objects as well as antique or repurposed vintage items. 35+ Inspiring French Country Decor Ideas for Every Budget

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Get inspired by these 19 examples of french country dcor and fill your rooms with muted colors, toile fabrics, tapestries, and more-all with a rustic touch.

These elements of French country interior design are easy to incorporate at home, and the result is a look that is feminine, rustic and chic. It’s easy to picture French country style in an elegant chateau, but you may be surprised by how well the look can be adapted to modern spaces , especially when a clean, uncluttered effect is the focus.