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The luxury design and craftsmanship summit is almost here. The 2nd edition of the event will take place in Porto, as last year’s event. Find out all you need to know below. After the success of last year’s event, the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit is back for a new edition.

This design philosophy is seamlessly reiterated by the wing line elements in the interior, which is dominated by high-quality materials. This impression is further enhanced by outstanding craftsmanshi.

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In this conceptual paper, we describe our proposal for a new craftsmanship of the designer, based on taking the design process into the wild towards real people in their own environments.

Craftsman style house plans evolve as a collection of interdependent spaces woven together with hand crafted details, establishing an intimate sense of scale to the home. The front porch is the transition from the elements to built environment where its materials and details set the stage for what can be expected on the interior of the home.

The details are not left to chance, from structure to cabinetry. A high level of craftsmanship is integral to the positive visceral experience one has with a home or a resort. It’s the thoughtful details-and their execution-that leave a first and lasting impression.

Studio Marc Heldens specialises in full photo reportages. Images of international interior design, lifestyle and global architecture. Talented Amsterdam-based photographer, Rene Mesman has a meticulous eye for detail. From interiors to advertisements his work embodies a kaleidoscopic array of objects and subjects.

creative interiors design how to grow interior design business Dying to know the secrets top designers use to create lucrative opportunities, grow their network, have clients dying to work with them and still have time to take a personal holiday. Overwhelmed with the growing piles of receipts on their desk and the endless time they spend managing their least favorite part of the business: the financials.what is retro interior design Interior design magazines often show retro style as an interior decoration of mixed styles and objects from the past, second hand and new. For example, 1970s patterned wallpapers, combined with second-hand furniture from the 1960s and 1950s. The value of old artifact has increased because the object used to be considered old-fashioned and every day.

Craftsmanship is something that either is in the DNA of the organization or does not exist. To see how craftsmanship is carried out at LinkedIn, read this blog post about how we radically improved our software development and testing process in order to release Voyager, our latest flagship mobile app.

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