Bespoke definition is – custom-made. How to use bespoke in a sentence. Did You Know?

That got me thinking what does it actually mean custom design?. others with a few modifications and furniture moved around to specifications.

‘Bespoke’ has been around for centuries, most famously referring to the bespoke suits of places like Savile Row. More recently, the term has broadened to mean any custom-made thing or experience.

Bespoke definition is – custom-made. How to use bespoke in a sentence. Did You Know?

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Not only does it have 1,035. in whichever color they wish and bespoke decorative forms can be created within the leather through digital quilting or unique debossed or embossed patterns. Inspired.

The word bespoke (/bspok/) has evolved from a verb meaning "to speak for something" to its contemporary usage as an adjective that has changed from describing first tailor-made suits and shoes, and later, anything commissioned to a particular specification (altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser), and.

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Well, the Oxford dictionary defines it as, ‘made to order’. But in daily vernacular, especially with regard to furniture, it really depends on who you ask. To a clever salesman, trying to shift a stock of standard items, the term bespoke will be used to sell a customer the idea that those standard units can be sold.

In tailoring, a made-to-measure suit might be customized but that does not make it “bespoke.” The word “bespoke” originated in the days of William Shakespeare. When a customer chose a.

What does creating bespoke furniture mean to Effebi? Effebi was founded over 40 years ago and originally sold a range of standard products. However, over the past 20 years, we have spread our wings and moved into bespoke production.

Bespoke is not exactly a new term, but it seems to be gaining in popularity. It means the opposite of off-the-rack. Bespoke clothing is custom-made clothing.

· medullary ray furniture is Bespoke..but what exactly does bespoke mean? Posted by stuart on Jan 16, 2019 Cabinet makers, Medullary Ray Furniture design, make and install a huge variety of furniture from kitchens, staircases, fitted wardrobes, tables, benches, front doors, bathroom cabinets, study furniture, to name just some of the pieces we.

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