Getting Your Cat to Use the Scratching Post. Your cat may not automatically start using the scratching post, and you may have to take steps to convince them that they want to use it. For starters, place it near the furniture that they like to scratch because they have claimed this area as their territory.

In most cases, kittens scratch and bite in play. This is how they learn to socialize with their siblings, test boundaries, and in some cases, just have fun. Occasionally though, scratching and biting can be a sign that your kitten is frightened, angry, or in pain. To be sure this is not the case:

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Often, my cat behavior consultations have a theme. Yelling at the cats may stop the behavior in the moment, but it does not train the cats to scratch the approved furniture, and it can have.

Before we look at how to stop cats from scratching furniture, let’s look at cat scratching behaviors.Shelly’s cats are not unique – all cats scratch objects. Even declawed cats scratch.

Purrfect Posts are designed and produced by a veterinarian who understands cat behavior. ” I started making Purrfect Posts in response to the multitude of requests I received from people asking me where to find the right scratching post for their cats. Most posts are made without consideration for why cats scratch and how to provide for those needs.

Cats do not just use the furniture to rest, but may also scratch and tear. Training the cat or your kitten at an early stage can help them keep.

If your cat is scratching your furniture, and destroying your home, you need to realize that your cat needs to scratch and climb. Scratching conditions your cat.

SCRATCHING THE SURFACE – claw training basics. must remain in the general vicinity or you risk the cat relapsing, and going back to the furniture.

How do you train a cat not to scratch furniture? My colleague asked me this question a day after she got a cat for the first time. Most new cat owners scratch their heads on how to solve this problem, so I decided to lend a hand.

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