· Dogs scratching furniture seek to eliminate or find those biting bugs or creepy-crawly sounds. Finally, some dogs with nothing better to do decide to dig on furniture out of boredom. In many cases, though, we unintentionally reward the behavior. Laughing at puppy antics or turning the dig behavior into a “stop-that” chase game can develop a.

 · When a dog is left alone in the house, the anguished cries can be heartbreaking. The guilt we feel is real. The only thing worse is when your dog is so distraught that it chews up the furniture and eats the curtains. Known as effects of separation anxiety, this destructive behavior is fairly common in dogs.

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Many pet owners must deal with their animal’s destructive chewing. Puppies chew on seemingly everything, and many dog owners lose shoes or socks to their dogs’ teeth. But destructive chewing can prove dangerous when the items are electrical power cords. If your pet chews on an electrical cord, it risks electrocution.

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 · Destructive behavior in dogs is not a normal state of being – it tends to happen when a puppy or an adult dog becomes bored or lacks adequate exercise. Such dogs are likely to develop nervous or frustrated tendencies like chewing and digging.

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Be vigilant. Any time you “catch her in the act” of chewing on a chew toy, tell her what a GOOOOD puppy she is and give her a treat. To make a serious impression, you can even wait until she’s chewing a dog toy to take her for a walk or play a game. This teaches that chewing dog.

Everyone was convinced he was going to adopt a puppy. He didn’t, as it turned out. I wondered if “learning good manners” was another way of saying, “not chewing up the furniture”. I went to the.

How to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Your Furniture Puppy- (and Dog-) Proof Your Home. Remove, tidy away, or cover any objects that might seem attractive to your dog and prompt chewing. protect sofas and chairs with washable throws or slipcovers. Use bad-tasting, dog-repellent sprays on furniture legs and elsewhere to deter your dog.