How many times have you gone to buy some furniture and open a draw and notice it is made of chip board and You could make an old solid antique furniture cupboard look like new with a little bit of elbow To do this you should remove drawers and take the doors off. Now remove any handles and.

 · 2 Answers. If you are trying to remove veneer, then I would suggest a rag that has been soaked in water, squeezing off the dripping water from it, and then applying the wet rag and a hot iron on the wet rag in order to loosen the glue of the veneer. You could then work quickly (before the glue sets again) with a large putty knife or chisel in order.

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Removing stains from bare wood furniture . I have been stripping an old wardrobe that has several two-toned stains and uneven coloring under the old paint. I was told by handyman-type of fellow to use STRAIGHT BLEACH on these areas! Then, I’m to heat it (in the sun, strong lamp, etc.) until desired effect. This is not to be washed off.

If you refinish vintage or antique furniture, then you know removing veneer can be a real chore. Using a heat gun makes the process a lot.

How To Tutorial shows us DIY techniques on repairing a bubble on wood veneer furniture. Repairing a bubble on a veneered surface can be one of the hardest fixes we come across on veneer furniture. Here’s a tutorial demonstrating some techniques to make the job easier.

So I am buying not so gently used antique furniture and spending the time to bring these lovely old pieces back to life. Now comes the dilemma on how to remove the veneer without damaging the wood underneath. I have heard of removing the veneer by using a iron to heat the glue and then the.

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Q We have a teak veneer dining table. I recently discovered what is most. owner of HALO-TLC in Fredericksburg, which restores antique furniture (540-623-8223, http:/ / Avoid.

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Choose a well-ventilated or outdoor work area and lay a tarp underneath the furniture. As hardwood plywood’s top veneer is usually smooth, you only need to sand the piece lightly with 180-grit.

On old furniture, the glue that holds the veneer is often not water-resistant.. First, remove the residue of old glue left on the back of the veneer and on the base.