Step 4 – Apply the Lacquer Paint. Just as you did with the primer, apply the lacquer paint in long, even strokes. Paint your object in the same direction and make your strokes overlap a bit; this eliminates streaks in your paint job. Make sure you read the directions carefully and adhere to the drying time prescribed.

If you would like to paint lacquered furniture, you will need to consider a pair of important points. First, because lacquered paint is slick and glossy, it is poorly-suited for paint adhesion. You will need to condition the lacquered surface through abrasion techniques.

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Though the finish on lacquered furniture is designed to protect the wood, this does not mean that it is resistant to stains. Glasses can leave white rings from condensation and other spilled substances may result in discoloration. Try scrubbing such areas firmly with furniture polish first.

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Lacquer is a varnish that is often used on wood to create a durable and shiny surface. A clear lacquer can be used on a natural wood surface, or you can employ a shiny colored lacquer to make furniture more noticeable. As with any furniture finish, the time you put into sanding and prepping the surface will pay off with a smooth surface.

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Avoid dust at all costs- this will create a bumpy feel in the lacquer. Avoid direct sunlight- this causes the lacquer to blister, which creates an ugly piece of wood. Avoid oils and silicones touching the wood- wash your hands well and often; make sure your sandpaper or steel wool has no added stuff on it.