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While whitewashing wood grain is still shown through. The white gives a clean look to the furniture, without taking away the natural warmth of wood. Whitewash is achieved using a latex white paint that has been thinned. Whitewashing is very popular in bathrooms and kitchens, as it gives an overall clean look.

How To Distress Furniture With Annie Sloan Paint

Technique 1: how to whitewash pine wood or other smooth finish wood using a rag. First dilute the white paint to a consistency of heavy cream. dip a rag into the paint and wipe it onto the wood surface. Use it as a white wash stain. Repeat with another 1-2 layers if you want it to look more white. Let dry between layers.

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Lime-Wash Furniture Technique Start with Bare Wood. Whether you use liming wax or paint, you need to strip any existing finish. Using Liming Wax. You can enhance the whitening effects of liming wax by opening. Liming with Paint or Primer. If you decide to use latex paint or primer,

how to whitewash furniture chairs. It can also be referred to as pickling, liming, or antiquing, depending on the type of wood you are working.

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Painting wood furniture white is one way to brighten a room, but the disadvantage is that paint is opaque, so it covers and conceals the natural grain of the wood. There are techniques for applying white stains that don’t necessitate losing the grain of your wood.

White washing furniture is a great way to give it a more lived in or country style look. It’s also an excellent way to update used furniture. There are two ways to whitewash your wood furniture: applying liming wax or diluting paint or primer and brushing it on before quickly wiping off the excess.

Whitewashing furniture is the focus of this EASY diy and will give you a similar look to limewashing. I just love the power of paint and how it can absolutely change the entire attitude of a room! Paint comes in all different types and there are enough techniques to write a massive paint encyclopedia on.