How to get mothball stink out of a dresser that’s already been empty of mothballs for years?. with an old blanket in one of the drawers that we thought might draw the smell out over time, but all that did was make the blanket stink, too, with no apparent effect on the rest of the dresser.

Many people have problems with getting rid of the smell of mothballs in furniture. Mothballs can be used to eliminate any moths from your house. However, they are made from active ingredients, including naphthalene. This ingredient is going to deliver unwanted smell in your house.

How To Remove Smoke Smell From Leather Furniture

How to Remove Tar & Nicotine From Wood Furniture : Wood Furniture How to Remove Mothball Odor from thrift store clothing Suzanne A. Wells. We have all come across that horrible smell of mothballs in clothing.. Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration.

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How To Remove Smoke Smell From Wood Furniture. Covering (or sealing) every square inch of your stinky furniture with shellac will get rid of the smell. I’ll type that one more time. Covering every square inch of the furniture will get rid of the smell.

This is a guide about removing mothball smell from furniture. Removing the strong odor of mothballs from drawers, trunks, and other furniture can be frustrating.. I had to get rid of a completely finished wood storage chest that had wools and moth balls in it because of lingering odor, 2.

Mothballs get their odor from naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene – the two most common chemicals used in their production. What these chemicals do is to slowly break down from solids into gases to better kill stuff. In the process, the outgassing can permeate deep into the wood grain. Niiiiccceeeeee, right?!

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Mothballs emit a bad odor plus the chemicals present in them are not to be inhaled for far too long as they can cause headaches, confusion, and other health problems. The odor has to be done away with for which this HomeQuicks article lays out methods to get rid of mothball odor from your house.