Learn how to get rid of moths naturally, without the use of smelly mothballs and other store-bought products. The following are several time-proven home remedies to try.

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The best method of removing mothball odor from the house that’s coming from furniture is to provide heat to increase the rate of sublimation and also provide plenty of ventilation. If you can, move affected furniture outside and leave it in a sunny place for several days.

Apply a small amount of heat to speed up the release of odors. Use a hair dryer on the piece of furniture once a day until the mothball smell disappears. This is.

Spread zeolite – or household cat litter – on wood and furniture. Along with getting into the air, mothball smell can also permeate wood and.

The best remedy to get rid of the odor in such cases is ventilation and sunlight. Placing the furniture in a hot place with ample ventilation.

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The easiest way to get rid of mothball smells from furniture — although it isn't an instant solution — is to raise the heat in the room and increase air circulation.

However, it reeks of mothballs. I have been trying to air it out for several days now but it still has quite the pungent smell. I'm cautious to put any.

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Different Ways to Remove the Smell of Mothballs From Your Clothing. If the furniture is too heavy to move outside or you have a closet filled.

To get rid of really bad moldy smell in wood furniture (continued) – After you refinish the inside surfaces of your furniture, you might notice that the drawers stick and don’t slide smoothly (like an overly painted window frame). To make your drawers slide smoothly again, spread "bees wax" over the sliding surfaces to make it slip easier.

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The best remedy to get rid of the odor in such cases is ventilation and sunlight. Placing the furniture in a hot place with ample ventilation increases the rate of sublimation and will remove the mothball odor.

How To Get Glue Off Wood Furniture 1. Rubbing the glue off with wood shavings (saw that on U-tube, which worked like a charm in the video, but in this case it just made a mess). 2. wiping with a damp rag, per the glue instructions (this took a lot of the glue off but smeared it around requiring more removal.) 3. Scraping with a razor blade.

The odor can be particularly stubborn in rooms or closets where mothballed clothes have been stored. To remove these odors, leave out bowls of vinegar or plates.