What-Not Furniture A what-not is a piece of furniture derived from the French tagre, which was exceedingly popular in England in the first three-quarters of the 19th century. It usually consists of slender uprights or pillars, supporting a series of shelves for holding china, ornaments, trifles, or " what not ", hence the allusive name.

Urine stains are without a doubt the worst and you never see them coming. Whether it's your favourite dog leaving a “nice surprise”, your cat.

In the mean time, it's important pet urine and its smell is cleaned and eliminated to prevent future. How do I get dried out dog urine out of furniture upholstery?

How To Get Rid Of Furniture Marks In Carpet Furniture Dents in Carpet. You can gently prick the dented area with a fork, getting the fibres to stand up. Another trick is to put an ice cube on the offending dent. When the cube melts and the area dries, the fibres stand up again.

Just simply measure out about 1 cup of baking soda, at least for a spot size about as big as one cushion. Then add about 15-20 drops of lavender.

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Q: What do you call a snake who walks into a bar? A: Gifted. Q: If an eight-foot tall computer keyboard walks up to and asks you for a date, what do you say?

Pet urine has a very distinct smell and often smells like ammonia. Using a blacklight.. How do I get dog pee out of my fabric couch? Answer. How do I get rid of.

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The experts at Rainbow International, a fire and water damage restoration company that also specializes in stain and mold removal, gave PEOPLE their simple tips for getting rid of pet urine messes.

Not only will dog urine leave a stain, it will leave a foul odor behind as well. Dog urine stains on a couch may also encourage other pets in the home to mark the same spot.. How to Get Silly Putty Out of the Couch Cushions.

As an experienced pet owner, I've learned not to take this pet-peeing thing personally. A long time ago, I accepted the fact that dogs and cats will pee on my carpet.

The most important step in cleaning dog urine from upholstered pieces is to get as much of the urine out as possible while it is wet. Blot the area.

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