Are you interested in how to distress painted wood, or more specifically how to distress white painted wood to achieve that farmhouse finish that we all love? There are in fact multiple techniques for distressing painted furniture.One furniture painting technique that you may have heard of is wet distressing.

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Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to chalk paint and distress furniture. It’s a fairly easy process that can make a big difference! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to chalk paint and distress furniture. It’s a fairly easy process that can make a big difference!

Create your own shabby chic furniture for a cool, funky look. This distressed, worn look is extremely popular, but can be very expensive to just buy. One the other.

3 . Distressing wood using Wet paper technique . Both the Candle technique (see previous) and the Wet paper technique are good alternatives to distress wood or furniture using Vaseline.. All three methods work similarly in the way that they create a resist in certain spots so the paint can be lifted off later.

"Distressed," regarding furniture, doesn’t mean worried or upset — it refers to the worn, often beat-up condition of the pieces. Furniture is typically distressed to make it look a lot older than it.

How to Distress Furniture. In our grandmothers’ day, if a piece of furniture or a picture frame was distressed, it meant it had been around for generations and most of the paint had worn off in areas that had been rubbed by hands or nicked by being moved too many times. Today, the distressed look is sought-after, and it can add character and style to many types of decor.

Steps for How to Paint and Distress Furniture. Remember, the key with Vaseline is to put it wherever you want the paint or stain beneath to peek through. Vaseline lets you easily decide beforehand which spots will get distressed. I typically go with any edges, corners, and raised areas.

So that left me with 2 options for creating the distressed, farmhouse white look: Using a chemical stripper to take off all of that pink and gold paint, or using a layered color technique. I really don’t like stripping paint, for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because I am lazy.

How To Remove Candle Wax Stain From Wood Furniture Remove hard. a cup of wax candle ends, a small saucepan, candle wick, scissors, and a small metal or glass mixing bowl. This easy-to-follow method from will make one gorgeous coffee.What Furniture Store