Wipe the Couch. Wipe each wet area with the clean towel in a circular motion until each section is clean. Use firm but even pressure. Don’t worry if portions of your furniture look darker when damp; the fabric will dry evenly and return to the original color. Focus the majority of your efforts on the sections of your microsuede fabric contaminated.

Wash According to Manufacturer’s Instruction for Cleaning the Furniture. If the care instructions list a W, it means that you can clean it with a water-based suede cleaner. If it contains an S, it means that water will stain the fabric, so you will need to use a microsuede cleaning solvent.

How to Clean Microsuede Furniture. If it has the W, this means it is permissible to use water (and a mild detergent, like dish soap -no bleach additives-) to clean the fabric. Do not soak the fabric, the water will get down into the cushion and be difficult to dry. Use a dampened rag and rub gently, rinsing the rag often.

Ease of Cleaning. Microfiber can be vacuumed, but pet dander and dust is never completely removed from between the fibers, resulting in the couch becoming more prone to a "doggy" smell over the course of its use. Some microfibers will stain from oils and dust on your dog’s coat, leaving discolored areas.

I think the really big "draw" for microfiber furniture for people who have kids, is that it’s generally inexpensive to buy and you can at least TRY to clean it yourself–as opposed to other fabrics which can never get wet. For my money–leather has been the way to go. Nothing is easier to care for than leather furniture!

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How to Clean Microsuede Furniture – How to wash microsuede buy the right type of cleaning solution for your fabric. Spray the area to be cleaned. Wipe the cleaning liquid from the furniture. Allow the furniture to dry. launder microsuede cushion and pillow covers.