This wine barrel coffee table idea is a piece of furniture that certainly meets style and a lot of functions! What’s not to love? Have a look at some different versions of a wine barrel coffee table from our album below. Then learn the step-by-step tutorial by scrolling down to the tutorial by DIY-er cmatthews13!

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The obvious piece of furniture to make with a wine barrel is a table. Almost without any work, an upturned barrel is a table of sorts. Almost without any work, an upturned barrel is a table of sorts. Sitting on high stools with friends by an upturned barrel you just have to have glasses and a bottle of wine.

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There are several reasons to make your own small whiskey barrel: for a garden decoration, home distilling, liquid storage or furniture. The amount of precision you will need when making your barrel depends on the use it will be put to. Making the perfect whiskey barrel takes a lot of practice, but.

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Convert a Wine Barrel Into a Cabinet: Edit: Wow my first Instructable was featured on the front page, thank you so much! I’m glad to be able to share our wee project with anyone that’s interested. If you liked what you read and saw, please take a second to rate this Instructable. Hap.

Wine Barrel Rings Wine Barrel Crafts Wine Barrel Table Wine Barrel Furniture Wine Barrels Bourbon Barrel Project Table Barrel Projects Diy Home Furniture I’d like to share another one of my #winecraft projects, this is the table I recently made from a wine barrel.

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