Bookcase. This bookcase offers 10 hidden compartments and would make a stylish addition to your living room, den or home office. Try building this piece of furniture yourself and you’ll have plenty of space to store your books and collectibles.

This futon, sold my Andrew’s Furniture, has the standard under seat storage compartment in the base that we’ve started seeing recently. However, it also contains a secret compartment in each armrest. The tops of the armrests pivot up and out to allow storage of additional supplies at quick reach.

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“Nobody tells anybody what the furniture does,” she said, revealing a hidden compartment ideal for storing handguns. “They want to keep it a secret, so growing has been difficult.” It’s the crux of.

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How to build the nightstand with a hidden compartment. I am listing below the major steps involved in building the nightstand. But I would urge you to watch the video to get a real feel for exactly what is involved in the build. Step 1 – Make the cuts. Start by cutting the 1×12 board per the plans – there are 2 sides, 2 shelves and 1 top.

From hidden rooms behind bookshelves to secret compartments in furniture, hiding your stuff has never been more fun! You could dig a hole and bury your stuff, or build an Arduino-powered secret knock detecting lock to stash your stuff.

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It’s like you and your furniture are in on a secret. But bookcase-doors and the like can be a little pricey and impractical. How about a picture frame with a hidden compartment instead? YouTuber.