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Woodworm Identification: 11 Types of Wood Boring Insect That Could Be Eating You Out of House & Home. 15th October 2015. We’ve all seen those tiny woodworm holes in the timber beams of old houses, or bored into antique furniture – and we’ve no doubt thought nothing more of it.

We often get asked to explain what does woodworm looks like as many of our customers are not sure whether they have an infestation of woodworm or not. The obvious sign of a woodworm beetle issue is by looking at what we call ‘exit holes’ in any wood or timber.

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 · Larvae feed and bore along the grain in the beginning. In pupal stage they tend to look white, more like a beetle less than a larva. Woodworm Signs: Tunnels filled with loose flour-like dust. Exit holes (commonly called “shot holes”) are 1 – 3 mm (depending on species) in diameter and are often mistaken for common furniture beetle.

Woodworm can significantly damage your wooden furniture before you notice the problem. Find out how to identify an active woodworm infestation in your home.. Familiarize yourself with what they look like. Quite often there will be dead adults lying around. As.

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Whether it's your grandparent's furniture, Del Boy's Queen Anne cabinet or. Frass is the excrement of the beetle, it's gritty, it looks like wood.

Includes common furniture beetle and other wood-boring insects native to the UK .. Woodworm holes found in timber are caused by the larvae of beetles that feed. If you would like details of experienced woodworm treatment companies in.

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Woodworm exit holes will appear clean and fresh and often have sharp edges.. The house longhorn beetle larva at first may stays near the surface of wood and can leave a blister like appearance on the surface. The larva is much larger than the other wood borers so its tunnels are also larger at up to 7.5 mm in diameter.. Common furniture.