Professionals are available to remove, replace, or cover lead-based paint. Contact your state and local health departments lead poisoning prevention programs and housing authorities for information about testing labs and contractors who can safely remove lead-based paint.

Furniture Refinishing. Lead paint removal removing lead paint can be safer and easier than you think with the right lead paint removal products and lead safe work practices. LEAD OUT Paint Stripper is the best lead paint stripper available as it renders lead paint non-hazardous on contact.

Not all painted furniture from the past was created with lead-based paint, but much of it was, so you do need to be careful, especially with small children in the house. The danger lies in ingesting paint chips and inhaling paint dust, not in touching, so chipping surfaces pose the greatest threat.

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Fire safety. Most fires are preventable. Those responsible for workplaces and other buildings to which the public have access can avoid them by taking responsibility.

How to Remove Lead Paint. It is estimated that approximately 75 percent of homes built before 1978 contain lead paint. Lead-based paint is now known to be highly toxic and can cause permanent health consequences when ingested or inhaled..

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Over the years, thousands of residential, commercial and governmental contractors became dissatisfied & frustrated with traditional costly lead paint and lead dust removal products and made the decision to replace their old expensive encapsulant products.

Stripping paint doesn’t have to be a stinky, toxic event. These green products will safely remove paint on everything from your walls to your favorite chair.

If you plan to ride out the storm, purchasing a generator is essential as you may need lighting in order to safely evacuate.

Rather than pay a lead abatement contractor to get rid of flaking paint in your old home, follow this guide on how to remove lead paint yourself safely.

Once you’ve seen the first signs of discoloration, you need to figure out how to remove mold from walls fast to keep it from spreading and causing both health and structural issues. These tips plus the mold removal spray recipes below will get your mold situation under control.