kevin southwick specializes in the conservation and restoration of antiques and in custom wood finishes. He also consults in these areas. Kevin’s expertise is the result of more than 20 years’ experience working with and learning about wood finishes and furniture repair and furniture refinishing.

An abused piece of furniture like this walnut chair shows its age with. Once it sets, treat it like wood, sanding and refinishing it like the rest of.

J-B Wood Restore repair putty wood filler provides a permanent repair to damaged and rotted wood. J-B Wood Filler’s professional strength formula is ideal for interior and exterior wood projects.

Conversations with wood Historic restoration is Chris Hacker’s day job as the founder of Albany Artisans. Furniture is a.

What Is Buffet Furniture Simple Storage Solutions With Sideboards, Buffets, and Credenzas. You can never have too much storage space in your home, and sideboards, buffet tables, and credenzas give you stylish places to store your stuff.

To choose a piece to refinish, look for these qualities: Furniture made from sturdy wood. Furniture made with fine wood that could be easily damaged, particle board, or other non-sturdy wood won’t do well during the refinishing process. Furniture without too many coats of paint.

Where Can I Buy Restaurant Furniture Restaurant Supply Is Your Restaurant Success! You have a foodservice business to run. You need specific commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant supplies that are durable, reliable and efficient.

How to Refinish Wood Furniture By Chris Deziel. SAVE; Refinishing basically involves three procedures: stripping the old finish, sanding and preparing the wood, and applying a new finish. Preparation greatly influences the quality of the refinishing job, and the amount of work involved depends.

but with a few basic repair techniques you can handle most structural furniture problems. In this article, we’ll discuss some of those techniques that can help you keep your wooden furniture in good,

How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture In A Small Space bedroom layout guide – The Front Door By furniture row. multifunctional is my fave. Bedroom Layout Guide has four bedroom layouts to show how to arrange your bedroom furniture. maximize relaxation, storage, and small spaces in style!

In antique furniture, caning is usually handwoven. When the adhesive has softened, place a block of wood under the caning and tap the block with a hammer. This should dislodge the caning and the.

56 Responses to “How to Shabby Chic Furniture for a Stunning Contemporary Look” Jess Says: October 23rd, 2014 at 5:08 pm. Amazing tutorial! One of the best on transforming furniture into the shabby chic look.

Water damage to furniture as a result of flood or weather is not always as bad as it seems. Often the damage is quite manageable, or at least subject to partial repair. Read on for steps you can take to restore your water-wrecked furniture and carpeting. When a piece of wood furniture has been.