Refresh your weathered exterior wood furniture, picnic tables, playsets and more with Restore Outdoor Furniture. 4X thicker than ordinary paint, it fills hairline cracks with a smooth finish extending the life of your wood furniture.

Teak patio furniture has become increasingly popular, especially when used outdoors. When teak patio sets are new, the wood is a beautiful honey color. After prolonged exposure to the sun, the wood color weathers to a silver-gray color. It’s relatively simple to restore your teak patio furniture back to its original color.

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To restore painted and varnished wood, rub down with fine sandpaper, then reapply the coating. paving slabs scrub using a stiff brush and a patio cleaner, we recommend HG Patio Cleaner .

Due to the fact that wooden outdoor furniture is often exposed to the elements, including rain, snow, ice, sunlight and extreme heat, these pieces require very specific care, maintenance and upkeep on at least a semi-regular basis. For many individuals, refinishing wooden outdoor furniture is viewed.

How To Clean Teak Deck Furniture Clean the furniture and let dry if necessary. If the furniture is cleaned regularly, dust it thoroughly. If it appears dirty, feels sticky, or has grime buildup, wash with water and mild soap, or use a specialized "teak cleaner."

Allow the wood to turn dark brown and then hose off. Then dilute the Restorer with water 5:1 and apply with a brush or scouring pad. Wait until original colour has returned, and then hose off. If you are restoring weathered teak more that a few years old, and you wish to apply treatment, we advise lightly sanding the furniture afterwards. Sanding

How to Clean Teak Furniture. Teak furniture is made out of a kind of wood that is naturally more resistant to fading and damage from the outdoors than other types of wood. For this reason, a lot of outdoor furniture is often made out of.

Teak is a workable wood with an appealing honey tone that makes it an attractive material for outdoor furniture. It normally doesn’t need any other protection from the elements than its own.

Teak is renowned for its toughness and resistance to moisture. The wood is as durable as most varieties of oak, and at the same time is so thick with natural oils that it is almost immune to moisture.

Revive Outdoor Furniture: Sometimes a nice set of wooden furniture gets a rough treatment outdoors. Left alone in the elements it can start to look pretty shabby. But the story doesn’t have there. It’s easy to give wooden furniture a new life and it’s not hard to do. Thi.