Old pine furniture can become badly scratched or stained over the years. Remember to take extra care when cleaning your antique pine furniture and always follow the instructions on any product’s label. To bring it back to its best, you should: Rub the item of furniture with fine sandpaper in the direction of the grain – to remove any varnish or build up of dirt and grease.

What details should you look for when buying old furniture?. Restoring Old Metal Bring back the shine with our expert tips. How to Refinish Metal Uncover our best secrets for removing rust. DIY Slipcovers Learn to make your own for less than . cozy upcycled ottoman 01:20.

Helpful Tips When Restoring Antique Furniture. Below are some handy hints and tips on how to restore antique furniture.Some of these methods are used by our restorers when cleaning our quality pieces before they go up for sale.

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How to Fix a Furniture Finish. The easy techniques for restoring old furniture on the following pages will work on any clear finish-lacquer, varnish, polyurethane, or shellac. You’ll find the few materials you’ll need, such as denatured alcohol, wax sticks, and touch-up markers, in the.

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I just deal in antique pine furniture, here is an example of how to restore an old pine chest of drawers. You could buy a chest of drawers from the local auction for around 125. You should be able to get it stripped for about 40 pounds and then see what you have got, and with a bit of luck the carcass will be OK.

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How to refinish antique furniture. valuable tips on refinishing antique furniture. tips to refinish like a pro without damaging the integrity or value of the piece. Maintain your investment. Confirm that you are not removing the patina.