Apply lanolin oil to the scratch. Find a clean cloth, such as a cotton rag, and dip the cloth in lanolin cream. Rub the cloth over the scratched area, perpendicular to the direction of the cut. This will smooth and repair the scratch, although it may take several re-applications before the scratch becomes invisible.

When I put it together I noticed 2 big scratches in the glass table top. Exactly one week later my replacement part arrived & we are now enjoying our new furniture. Our customer service experience.

John Davidson of Superior Restoration Products walks you through Superior’s new Vinyl Repair Kit. Minor scratches can ruin the comfort and appearance of vinyl seating.

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How To Lime Wash Wooden Furniture Whitewash can help to give dated or tired-looking pine furniture a new look in next to no time, with the added benefit of not completely masking the details of the wood beneath. favoured as a cost-effective way to transform your furniture, whitewashing is a quick and easy solution to creating a.

A linoleum floor is an attractive and inexpensive option for your home. Linoleum has a high resistance to moisture, which contributes to its durability. This makes it an excellent choice for use in entry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. However, linoleum is prone to scratches, especially if it is.

How to fix cat scratches on fake leather?. both patches for cuts and paint pens for scratches. Try where you got the furniture first, then call around to stores that sell leather products.. I also used a vinyl repair solution which i bought from a shoe repair shop that did leather/faux.

Patch Repair. Cut a piece of patch fabric larger than the hole created by the tear. Hold the torn fabric out of the way and slide the patch fabric underneath the tear, using a spoon handle to smooth it into place. Pin the patch in place with an upholstery pin, and spread fabric glue atop the patch and along the edges of the tear.

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Cat Scratched Leather Sofa – QUICK EASY repair. smart repair vinyl repair, How to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture – Duration: 3:23. Sho Ko Recommended for you.

How To Disinfect Old Wood Furniture Where Can We Sell Old Furniture Furniture owners can sell their furniture for cash at garage sales and by posting ads on websites such as Craigslist and eBay. Additionally, furniture consignment stores pay cash for furniture pieces sold in store.The Best Cleaning Products for Every Kind of Mess. We’ve got just the thing for your grimy cabinets.

How to Fix Cat Scratches on Leather Furniture Unless kitty is constantly wearing nail tips, cats and leather typically don’t mix. If your feline has made your expensive furniture into her scratching post , it may not be completely beyond repair.