When the new scratch post is well established, you may be able remove these covers. If this goes smoothly you can then move the scratching post, a few inches every 3 days, to a better area in the house. If the cat continues to scratch the old area, this is because it.

 · Some of them improved the appearance of the leather a little bit but most of them did nothing or caused more damage. You can remove the leather from the sofa and have it redyed by a professional, but the cost of tearing down the sofa, having it redyed, and then recovering the sofa is usually more expensive than a new sofa.

Keep Your Cat Away from Leather Furniture.. As your cat starts to avoid going near the sofa, step by step remove each item. Cats tend to scratch where there is their scent, so eliminating their scent from their favorite objects is a should-do thing. There are many odor-removal spray products.

Scratches on leather furniture can go through the dye leaving light marks. There are a number of products you can use to mask the damage. This is a guide about fixing scratch marks on a cream colored leather sofa.

Whether your cat scratched your sofa’s legs senseless or your young child scuffed your coffee table with scissors, you’ll want to cover up the damage. How? Use a crayon. Find the shade that matches.

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Preventative Measures. Excess light and heat dry out the leather, causing it to crack and making it more prone to scratching. Vacuum the furniture with a soft-bristle attachment at least once a week to remove abrasive dust, a common cause of small scratches. Apply a leather conditioner one to two times per year to keep the leather hydrated and soft,

Deeper scratches, from the cat or other dangerous implements, take a little more effort. You can use the same methods to repair leather apparel that you would to fix scratches on your leather furniture.

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you can completely transform your dining room furniture today and make your leather dining room chairs look brand new. Remove any waxes, oils or dirt that has built up over time on the chair using a.