Wicker furniture is woven from plants and vines such. Skip the curvy, scrolled and fancy wicker for plain, squared shapes and make it disappear like gallery walls with a coat of white paint. Set.

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A thorough cleaning with clean water prepares concrete ornaments and statues for painting. You can use a bristle brush to scrub off flaking paint first, but avoid scrubbing too hard because you might damage or etch the concrete.

Paint the outdoor wicker furniture. Painting outdoor wicker furniture is another way to protect it from damaging weather. There are types of paint that are specifically formulated for outdoor wicker furniture. The entire surface area of the furniture should be covered by the paint. This includes the top, bottom, underside, arms, and seats.

Use a good enamel paint suitable for wicker furniture (most paint labels list the surfaces the product is suitable for). Hold the spray can 8" to 10" away from the furniture, and spray back and forth for the most even coverage. If you’re spray-painting indoors, use a respirator-type mask: the fumes can be fairly strong.

How To Wax Furniture How And When to Use Paste Wax . Contrary to popular belief, paste wax is not a good choice for a protective finish. Even though you may still read articles or hear other woodworkers advocating the use of paste wax as a protective finish for raw wood, the simple fact is that when it comes to protection, paste wax is very inferior compared to oil finishes or topcoat finishes like lacquer.

To make your walls come alive. I would always paint the lower portion of the wall in the darker color. This technique was originally designed to hide scuffs from foot traffic and furniture. Darker.

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Learn how-to care for wicker furniture: including cleaning, maintenance and painting your antique wicker furniture with this FREE tip sheet by Cathryn Peters.

Cane or rattan furniture is a type of wicker furniture where split canes are woven together. For instance, if you have other furniture in rosewood, you can paint your cane furniture black or dark.

The best way to tell if paint on your furniture is dry is to spray paint on masking tape or your paper and check that paint not touching the surface of your chair. Lean the chair back and inspect the undersides of the wicker fibers to make sure you are getting a good coat on all areas.

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