"I have used traditional Beeswax polish on my antique furniture for over forty years, but Gilboy’s antique gold is outstanding, and out performs all the rest. Not only does the polish impart a deep lustrous shine to the wood, but it totally enhances the natural patina of the furniture, and it has a very pleasant perfume.

Where To Buy Chalk Paint For Furniture This topic is hands-down the one we get the most questions asked about. If you have never chalk painted furniture or anything else before, this post is for you! By the time you get finished reading how to chalk paint furniture-our best tips, you will feel confident and anxious to get started with your first project.How To Black Wash Furniture How To Do Furniture Restoration Butt joints (joining pieces simply butted together either face to face, edge to edge, or face to edge with no integral fastener) are glued and held with corrugated nails in newer furniture. Dovetail.Update: See more about how to use this color-washing technique in any color (like turquoise!) here. —– To finish up the wall, I painted the other door two "solid" coats of the Iron Ore color. They look great together! A match made in heaven!

Cleaning antique furniture presents its own special considerations. The finishes on antique wood furniture are quite different than those on modern pieces. Care needs to be taken not to damage these lovely heirlooms or unique shopping finds. This is a guide about cleaning antique wood furniture.

Clean Antique Furniture with Care. Your antique furniture may already have some signs of wear and tear due to its advanced age. The best way to keep your antique pieces is to observe regular maintenance rather than have them undergo restoration.

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You've heard that refinishing old furniture can diminish the value. Figure out when it's okay to clean, repair and refinish an antique piece.

How to Clean Old and Antique Furniture Over the years, wood furniture, cabinetry, and architectural woodwork (e.g., hand railings) can become encrusted with dirt and grime. This process is accelerated when we touch items and leave a little oil behind from our skin that combines with dirt and dust to produce a significant layer on the surface of.

Another effective way to clean antique bronze is metal polish. Metal polish will not only make your item clean but shiny too if that is the effect you are aiming for. Metal polish can be found in the nearest hardware stores in your town, or for convenience take a look at Amazon.

Caring For Your Antique Furniture. Below is our guide to look after your antique furniture correctly and we highly recommend you study this carefully to fully understand the correct conditions to preserve and protect your pieces so you can pass them down to your future generations in the best possible condition.

An expert appraiser reveals what she looks for in antique furniture and discusses tips for keeping it in top condition. There are a few good ways to ruin the original finish on an antique chair.