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How to arrange furniture in rectangular living room with fireplace. Although there are multiple ways you can position your furniture, there are a few very simple rules you can follow in order to make the living room spacious. You have to remember that taking advantage of the fireplace is your.

Large rectangular living rooms provide a multitude of furniture arrangement options. To help fill the space and create a balanced look, float furniture in the middle of the room. Place two sofas back-to-back, separated by a sofa table in between. Place a coffee table in front of each sofa followed by one or two chairs, creating two conversation areas.

For face-to-face chats, place seating no more than 8 feet apart. In a large living room, use furniture to create comfortable islands. Face two sofas in the center of a room, and place a group of chairs and side tables at one end to create a separate conversation area.

 · The most important thing when you want to arrange furniture in a large living room is to know exactly what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. For example, the sitting room is often shared with the dinning room and even a reception area.

If the only thing distinguishing your living room from a bowling alley is the lack of red lines and pins, then you know how challenging it can be to decorate a long, narrow space. How do you fill the room without seating people too far apart? How do you prevent normal-size furniture from looking dwarfed?

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 · How to arrange furniture in a room can affect mood, the visual size of a room, and the functioning of the family. Being creative in arranging your room can also be a great way to set your living room apart from every other on the block! Here are some great easy furniture arranging ideas & tricks to try to give your room a whole new flavor in.

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