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Painting furniture to look primitive or distressed is a matter of painting one color onto the piece as a base, and a second color on as an overlay. The trick is knowing how to make the base color show through the overlay in strategic areas, to give the piece an antiqued look.

Learn how to make chalk paint with today’s tutorial! I’ll even throw in a tip to help give your furniture a distressed look. How To Make Chalk Paint For A Durable Vintage Look. Learning how to make chalk paint is really simple! Trust me, you’re only a few ingredients away from creating the vintage yet colorful desk you’ve always dreamed.

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If you missed my post on how to prep your furniture for painting, click here. Also, have you ever wondered if you should give an antique piece of furniture a makeover or not? Click here. I hope this has helped you learn how to paint furniture for a professional look. Click in Case You Missed: How to Use Dark Wax on Furniture

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HOW TO PAINT FURNITURE EXAMPLES.MY PAST WORK. Before and After Vintage Dresser – high gloss cabinet paint. I used Benjamin Moore advance cabinet paint for the Vintage Table and the vintage dresser. I chose cabinet paint because of the expected heavy use both objects would get.

If you love the design style that sets the stage for "Mad Men," you are more than likely a fan of Mid-Century furniture. With its vintage vibe, furniture from the 1960s has made a huge design comeback.

2. Paint – Dark Wax- The second most popular technique to antique furniture is using dark wax over a painted piece. This technique involves painting the piece as usual and allowing it to dry completely. Then afterward rub on a dark tinted wax over the whole piece, especially the details and beveled edges.

Paint Both Coats. Using a chip brush, paint the entire exterior with a light base-coat color in a flat finish. Go in the direction of the grain, but you don’t need to be too fussy about the brushstrokes. Once the base coat is dry, lightly apply a darker top coat, again in a matte finish. Be careful not to overload the brush.