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Building for Barbie on a Budget Every year, Brent and I try to make a gift for the kids. Probably for a few reasons – homemade gifts are more special to us than a gift from the mall, we get a chance to make something we haven’t made before, and it’s fun to see what we can create for a minimal amount of money (which usually means a ton of labor!).

How to Make Dollhouse Furniture Out of Cardboard. Cardboard is a fun and readily available material to use for making dollhouse furniture. Small boxes, such as those for tea bags, soap and individual snack or cereal serving sizes, work especially well. For example, a tea box standing on end can make a.

I am decorating a miniature house and also a Barbie sized house for my daughter. I was hoping to make durable furnishings for the Barbie house for her to play with while she is little and can make the more fragile items for the miniature house to keep for when she is older.

How Can I Sell Used Furniture Six buy and sell used furniture sites that are actually good. suggestive needlepoints and cutesy craft goods allows you to buy and sell used furniture, too. You can search for just about.

 · There’s pleanty of fun ways to craft your own Barbie furniture! A shoe box makes a great barbie bed-just cut down the height to the desired barbie size! You can use a wash cloth as a blanket (most people have these things around the house) Also-when I was a kid-I used to use the pizza protectors that came in the box as a Barbie table!

Step 2 – Make windows. Make the windows. This is simply a water colour scene quickly splashed on a piece of paper, then 6 paddle pop sticks stuck on to make a window shape. Cut around the square shape and glue to the wall. Step 3 – Furniture / Extras. I made the furniture mostly out of a recycled materials. Wall pictures cut out from magazines & boxes. I framed some of them with toothpicks (cut the tips off)

Just glue them on and set them up. Now, glue the bottoms of two small plastic cups together. Paint it white, and glue it to the bottom of your jar lid to make a table. Time to set the table.

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