How To Paint Furniture Antique Look Antique furniture and home decorations can be expensive and hard to find. Faux painting is an effective way to create the antique look you crave without emptying your wallet. You can also turn trash to treasure and sell it for twice the original price.

How to Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture With a Home Remedy Spray.. Place a sturdy scratching post or other acceptable scratching item near the sprayed furniture. hang cat toys on the scratching post or rub some catnip on it to lure your cat toward it.. How to Keep a Cat From Clawing.

How Old Is Vintage Furniture How to Clean Old and Antique Furniture Over the years, wood furniture, cabinetry, and architectural woodwork (e.g., hand railings) can become encrusted with dirt and grime. This process is accelerated when we touch items and leave a little oil behind from our skin that combines with dirt and dust to produce a significant layer on the surface of the finish.

Protect your furniture and keep your cat happy with these tips for preventing cat scratching. Protect your furniture and keep your cat happy with these tips for preventing cat scratching. To stay signed in, click continue. You will be logged out of your account in 2 minutes.

Scratching is a natural behavior for our feline friends, and furniture is a tempting target for their fabric-shredding claws. Save your furniture with these tricks. Photo by jeknee.

Use double-sided tape or aluminum foil on the couch. Spray the couch with a citrus-scented spray because cats have a natural aversion to citrus odors. Day 4: Get your cat interested in the scratching posts by sprinkling them with catnip or spraying them with honeysuckle. Learn more about catnip and honeysuckle.

Stopping cats from clawing furniture . I wonder if anyone out there has any suggestions for keeping cats from clawing your furniture to death! My house mate has two cats, and at this point I am having to keep them locked out of the living room when we are not home – which is not fun.

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Once the new piece of cat furniture is in your home, rub it with catnip, or dangle your cat’s favorite toy from the top, creating a game which encourages your cat to mimic the motion of scratching. Your lavish praise will also help create a positive association with the act of scratching the cat furniture.

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However, to domestic cats, this habit has turned out damaging to household furniture. You cannot totally eliminate cat acts of scratching, but you are still able to do something about it. Try applying those following tips on how to keep cats from scratching leather furniture. prevention tips of Cat Scratching Keep Your Cat Away from Leather.

Scratching also serves to keep your cat in shape. The act of scratching stretches, pulls, and works the muscles of a cat’s front quarters – a cross between a feline gym workout and Kitty Yoga. For sheer pleasure. Hey! It feels good to scratch! So, give up the idea of reforming your kitty’s desire to scratch.