Artisans, cabinet and furniture-makers choose different types of woods to be used in furniture for their various qualities. With a myriad of ways to cut and stain wood, it can be difficult to determine the type of wood used in antique furniture and trace it to a specific period.

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This is the most common of the darker woods. It tends to have larger rays in the grain and take on a rich, chocolate brown. Decide if a light-colored wood is maple. This is the most common of the blond colored woods and is often used in trim, flooring and in countertops.

What Finish Is That Anyway?. The trick is knowing what finish was put on in the first place. To identify the type of clear film finish on a piece of furniture, you test it with solvents.. so you could cut through it to bare wood. If your option to cutting back the finish is refinishing.

Being able to identify the type of wood used for your furniture can help you determine its real value. Wood identification can sometimes be the deciding factor when you aren’t sure if a piece is worth refinishing or if it should be thrown away.

Wood finishing can be traditionaly applied using various types of finish’s. We can supply products primed or can offer a complete finish using a microporous paint system.

Identifying wood is not easy for a number of reasons. First, there are hundreds of different species of trees in North America. Second, the wood of many species looks very similar, if not identical.. If you already have a knowledge of various wood types and their cell structures or if you.

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Wood Types and Finishes Glossary.. By identifying 13 of the most popular wood types used in furniture and the nine most common wood finishes, we help simplify the process of looking for that perfect furniture piece.. Paint: Often found on country, cottage, or coastal-style furniture-wood.

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