Removing Mothball Smell. TO remove the smell of moth balls from anything you must remove a solid hydrocarbon called Naphthalene. This is a highly toxic solid that sublimes into a gas at room temperature. Airing clothes in a warm ventalated enviroment (outside preferably) will do the best job.

Friend (to help move heavy furniture) How to Remove the Odor: Vacuum the entire surface of the furniture. Move the piece outdoors into direct sunlight. If the piece is heavy, have a friend assist you. Allow the piece to stay in direct sunlight all day. The ultraviolet rays will kill the odor-causing bacteria and freshen up the smell.

How To: Get Rid of Mothball Smell. Given the effort and time required to get rid of that mothball smell, there’s some benefit in seeking out alternatives that won’t make you want to plug.

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Keep reading to learn some simple, yet effective tips and tricks to get rid of mothball smell. Home Remedies to Get Rid Of the Smell of Mothballs. Here are some tried and tested ways to remove mothball smell: For Clothes and Other Fabrics. The easiest, but not the instant, way to remove mothball smell from your clothes is to hang them at an.

How to Remove Mothball Odor. If you have a piece of furniture that smells like mothballs, move it into an enclosed area like a garage. Next, take a mesh bag of zeolite or a bowl of zeolite rocks and place it on the piece of furniture. Leave the piece of furniture in the enclosed space for a few days to give the zeolite a chance to work.

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4 Get a Bad Smell Out of Leather Furniture; Mothballs don’t just smell bad, they are bad for you. Their active ingredients, naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene, are toxic and can cause headaches.

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Use a hair dryer on the piece of furniture once a day until the mothball smell disappears. This is best used in conjunction with the airing-out process, and you should only do it in a well-ventilated.