How Do I Stop My Cat From Scratching My Furniture? By Dr. Stephanie Janeczko, D.V.M., Medical Director for Animal Care & Control of New York City There are several ways to make a previous scratching location (like the curtains or arm of the couch) unattractive to cats.

Still wild at heart, they need cat furniture has evolved to meet these needs, but you may need to consider other factors behind this habitual.

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To read more our article on alternatives or home remedies to stop cats from scratching the furniture. How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching the Carpet. Excessive scratching can be due to stress. Cats like to scratch certain materials and your cat may like to scratch carpet, this is not uncommon.

And don’t be discouraged if your cat doesn’t get excited about the scratching alternatives at first. You can help teach him to like it. "If your cat can’t stop scratching, teach him/her where and what to scratch instead," Dr. Rachel Barrack, a veterinarian at Animal Acupuncture in New York City, told The Dodo.

Scratching is a natural behavior. Cats mark their territory by scratching. This territory marking is both visible (scratch marks) and invisible. Cats leave "territory messages" from their paws, that only other cats can perceive. CATS FROM SCRATCH QUIZ. In many cases, scratching in your home is in fact your cat’s way of expressing discomfort.

How To Get Your Cat To stop scratching unwanted Areas of Your Home. The "Yes" Technique Appropriate places for your cat to let out his scratching instincts are critical for long term behavioral success. We recommend not only a scratching post, but several, depending on how many areas he likes to scratch on already.

Domesticated cats still have strong instincts from life in the wild. Despite your best efforts to curb them, attempting to stop a cat from scratching and climbing is a nearly impossible task.

You can stop your cat from scratching furniture with these products. We’ve included a cat scratching post, furniture guards, a deterrent spray, and nail caps to save your couch from your cat.

Check out these proven ways to keep your cat from scratching furniture. They're great alternatives to declawing your cat.

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