For an antique finish, soften furniture paste wax over an electric (no flame) hot plate, then stir in oil based stain; apply to the furniture with a soft bristle brush, let dry, then buff, leaving dark paste wax in joints, grooves and carvings to imitate decades of wax and dirt buildup.

How to Distress Wood. There’s nothing like the distinguished look of antique wood, but nobody has time to wait for their wooden furniture and accessories to age naturally. That’s where distressing techniques come in. Distressing wood lends.

To go along with additive methods of distressing, like making divots and staining, you can also distress wood by subtractive methods, like sanding. Maybe your salvaged wood already has some paint, if not add a quick coat of whatever color you like and then sand it off using a rough grit sandpaper.

How To Paint Furniture With Spray Paint GLOSS (Optional): Glossing your Kodak Brownie Hawkeye is optional and depends on the spray paint you have used. Wipe the camera with a wet cloth and polish with beeswax or other furniture polish..

Because I know it’s a bit tough to see the damage being done, I thought I’d show you what these wood distressing techniques looked like once the boards were stained (aka: punch #2) so you can see them more clearly. Since stain catches and collects in all of these dents and dings, it tends to accentuate them (which is a good thing, in this.

It is easy and fun to paint and distress your own pieces. Poke around yard sales, vintage stores, or your own attic to see if you can find old pieces of furniture that would lend themselves well to.

How to Distress Wood Furniture – Adding Extra Wear and Tear Add cracks to the wood using a chisel and hammer. Use a wire brush to put light scratches in the furniture. Use a drill to create small holes in the furniture. Replace any metal hardware with antique hardware. If desired, apply a wood.

Using a pre-stain wood conditioner on porous wood such as pine helps promote uniform color when applying stain. Be careful if your project requires glue. If glue gets on an area that needs to be stained, it will resist the stain.

(From Wikipedia) Distressing (or weathered look) in the decorative arts is the activity of making a piece of furniture or object appear aged and older, giving it a "weathered look," and there are.

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