Next, lightly spray-paint only the underside. This gives the glass opacity and a pretty color but leaves the top easy to clean and still able to accommodate a coasterless glass without scratching..

If you have wicker furniture or baskets, follow these simple steps to clean and condition naturally. Salt Clean wicker and baskets wit.

Wicker patio furniture suffers from the damaging effects of sun, heat and moisture. Protect your wicker patio furniture and keep it looking fresh and new by painting it. Step 1 – Indentify the Type of Wicker It is important before you begin to identity the type of wicker you are painting. Two types.

You’ll first need to thoroughly clean the wicker. Use a gentle soap and water on a sponge to get into all the nooks and crannies. The wicker must also be totally dry before painting so that the paint adheres properly and goes on evenly.

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Everyday care: Painted furniture is almost the easiest to keep clean.On a weekly basis, dust or wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface, as they’ll dry and could leave permanent marks.

How To Clean Antique Pine Furniture Forget all that and let me tell you about my favorite method of how to restore old wooden furniture . . . a quicker. walnut (even though it may streak in finishing), pine, maple, and birch..

Start clean There’s nothing like. worn-out-looking wicker and rusted metal on your outdoor furniture pieces, given how pricey it could be to replace. Thanks to specialty paint products like chalk.

A windy day is good to aid drying. On painted wicker only wash and rinse as you would painted wood; wetting as above may crack and peel the paint. If furniture has wooden parts, do not wet them; use only periodical cleaning method as described below. Never use or sit on wicker until it is completely dry. Allow several days.

Keep Wicker Dust Free. To remove surface dust, regularly vacuum wicker furniture using the soft bristle brush attachment. To get stubborn dirt, fuzz, or animal hair out of the crevices use a new, dry paintbrush to brush it out or use an ice-pick, awl or tweezers to pull out the material.