Think your only options are new furniture or a trip to the upholsterer? It’s no secret that furniture and reupholstering are expensive, but there’s no requirement to go that route.. They’re so beautiful and lighten the room so much I don’t even notice the dark couch, piano, pool table, tv.

How to Refinish Furniture Choosing a Bleach. Not all bleaching jobs call for the same type of bleach. Bleaching Techniques. Whatever bleach you use, remember that the results are permanent — you may be. laundry bleach. apply laundry bleach full-strength, brushing it evenly over the entire.

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How to Bleach teak wood. teak is a popular, light brown hardwood used for making things like patio furniture and boat decks. And bleaching it is a viable way to lighten its color or conceal water stains. You will need a number of chemical supplies and a bit of patience, but the process will help give.

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Fortunately, microfiber furniture often has removable cushion covers. If the stain is gone after the alcohol treatment, there is no need to apply the oxygen bleach and wash. Just dry the spot with.

Household Bleach & rag to apply it with. 9. sponge for wiping wood down at the end.. Clean your furniture with any household cleaner. 3. Apply stripper (heavily) with a sponge or brush – repeat as needed. Do this in thick heavy strokes, especially in areas where the stain/wood tone seems.

For the best results, let the bleach water or cleaner sit on the surface for about 10 minutes before wiping it clean with paper towels or other disposable products. In addition, you may want to steam.

Oak provides a naturally beautiful finish for furniture or flooring. these stains and restore the beauty of the wood by cleaning it with simple household bleach. Household bleach will not remove.

To remove mildew from your deck or exterior furniture, first hose off the wood to remove any loose debris. Mix about a quart of chlorine bleach (Clorox, Purex, etc.) to each gallon of water. Use a syntheticbristle brush and scrub the surface with the bleach mixture. Be sure to wear goggles-it’s easy to splash.