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Painted distressed furniture has always been popular, but right now it is the "in" look for home decor. No need to go hunting through antique shops and old garages to find a piece of furniture that has that wonderful vintage worn look of peeled and missing paint that exposes the underlying paint color.

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If you’re a fan of vintage, distressed furniture but not into the hours upon hours of sanding it takes to achieve that look, this tutorial, my friends, is for you: How to Distress Paint with Vaseline!.

How To Distress Furniture With Vinegar. This technique of how to distress furniture with vinegar was discovered strictly by accident. I just finished painting a piece of furniture, I grabbed what I thought was water to wipe off a mistake I made while painting, then I noticed how easily my piece got a distressed look!

How To Clean Suede Furniture At Home For instance, her suede effect dining chairs are wipe clean. Caroline also took us behind the scenes. scenes @ecmylife follow me today and see it all unfold shop my home #furniture #home #interiors.

By the time you get finished reading how to chalk paint furniture-our best tips, you will feel confident and anxious to get started with your first project. If you are already a chalk painting pro, we hope that you pick up a few tips from us.. Do you want to distress your furniture? Distressing a painted piece gives your furniture lots of.

Distressing is a simple process that makes newer furniture look antique by manually adding wear and tear. You can distress wood, laminate, or metal easily by yourself to make your furniture unique.While the project does require paint with a chalky finish and sealing wax, you can finish the rest with tools and supplies around your own home.

Do you like my paper plate very professional paint tray?? First you want to put a coat of your base color on any surface that you want to peek through. I like to shanty up the edges and corners so that is what I did. You can paint the whole thing if you want it more distressed.

I do have a couple of distressed pieces, sometimes you just know that the way drawers slide open that the paint will scratch, especially with old furniture. However I am a huge fan on the velvety smoothness of waxed chalk painted furniture.